Greek Island Hopping Infographic



Spending a couple weeks Greek Island Hopping sounds like my idea of paradise. I mean, what isn’t there to love? Sun, white buildings, beautiful beaches, great food and so much more await you. With 227 islands, most with less than 100 inhabitants, you will have plenty of island to hop around.

Crete, Lipsi, Kefallonia, Skiathos, and Mykonos all top my list of islands to visit due to their great beaches. Of course, I’ll need to add Lesvos, Somos, Corfu and Folegandros to the list for their great food and drink. Hmmm, I might need to plan a month of fun, because I’m quite sure two weeks wouldn’t be nearly enough.

In additions to wonderful beaches and tasty food the Greek Islands offer water sports, cycling, walking, festivals and is steeped in history.

I am buried in snow and cold temps right now so a trip to the Greek Islands sound absolutely divine. I would much prefer their warm temps and sunshine to my negative temps and dreary weather. If you’d like some help planning a Greek Island Hopping trip feel free to reach out to SunSearch Holidays. They are the people that provided the infographic and know a thing or two about traveling around Greece.

With any luck I’ll be making my way to Europe, and maybe the Greek Islands this year!

Happy Travels!

greek island hopping

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